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A Change of Pace

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A Change of Pace Photo by Let Ideas Compete via Flickr

Since last May, I've been blogging here at The Leiden Connected Researcher on an (almost) weekly basis. In the past eleven months I've covered everything from Altmetrics, to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and persistent identifiers. But while I haven't exactly run out of services to cover, none of those left on my list warrant a full, month-long coverage, so from this month on, I'll be slowing the pace and scaling back to monthly posts.

Instead of three posts and an interview, each month I'll be adding an In Depth article and publish a regular post to go with it. And of course, there will be the occasional interview when I discover a Leiden Scholar or student using social media academically in a great or innovative way.

The new schedule will start next week with a post on Figshare and from then on I'll be posting on the first Tuesday of each month.

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