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  • Best Practices for LinkedIn Academics

    Best Practices for LinkedIn Academics

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    Best practices posts for LinkedIn are easily found, because it's such a ubiquitous network for people looking for a job. Yet only a fraction of those focus on what academics should include on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Best Practices for Academics on Facebook

    Best Practices for Academics on Facebook

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    When you decide to use Facebook as part of your professional, academic life there are some additional best practices to keep in mind in addition to the more generally accepted ones. But what are they?
  • How to tumble Tumblr

    How to tumble Tumblr

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    How do you start a Tumblr, beyond signing up for an account? What are the best practices? As with any social network, Tumblr has its own set of rules and customs. Here are seven things to keep in mind when Tumbling.
  • Five Best Blogging Practices

    Five Best Blogging Practices

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    You've decided to blog, but how do you go about it? There is no one true way of blogging, but of course there are best practices. You can find five of the most important ones beyond the cut-off.
  • Twitter and best practices

    Twitter and best practices

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    This month's spotlight is on Twitter, one of the main metrics included in altmetrics. But Twitter is more than just a source for altmetrics, it can also be a valuable information source. What are the best practices for Twitter?
  • The Internet is Forever

    The Internet is Forever

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    Social media are mass-communication platforms, available to anyone. As such, it's important to think before you post. What are the best practices?