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  • Finding Access

    Finding Access

    It's frustrating when you run into (pay) walls when looking for journal articles and time consuming to track down access. These tools can help you do just that from right within your browser.
  • 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication

    101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication

    The 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication research project is collecting data through a survey until February 10 2016. What exactly is this project about and why should you take the time to fill out the survey to help provide data?
  • Put a Pin in It: Academic Pinterest

    Put a Pin in It: Academic Pinterest

    Pinterest might seem to be no more than a place to collect pretty pictures to plan events, but this aspirational social network has many more applications, including those useful from a science communication perspective.
  • Workshopping (Social) Media

    Workshopping (Social) Media

    Last Friday I attended the pilot of a new workshop presented by Erik Kwakkel and Hermen Visser on traditional and social media and how researchers can use them effectively to communicate their research.
  • Blogging Nuts and Bolts

    Blogging Nuts and Bolts

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    There are many resources and tools out there when it comes to blogging. What works best for you is often a case of personal preference. Here is a list of the various resources you might want to consider when building your blog.
  • Level Up Twitter

    Level Up Twitter

    Now that you're on Twitter and have found your feet, how can you take it to the next level? By using power tools! Use Twitter more efficiently and make it less overwhelming.